Marathon Residential and Counseling Services, Inc.
Board of Directors

Serving on a board of directors for a non-profit organization can be a trying and time consuming experience.  It is a responsibility that people do not enter into lightly, or without significant dedication to something they believe in.  At Marathon Residential and Counseling Services we are fortunate to have had many such people willing to take on this duty and serve us on behalf of the community.

There are of course, rewards in the way of being part of making the community we live in more responsive to the needs of its citizenry.  Our board members can also be proud to direct programs headed and staffed by some of the finest professionals in their fields.  In turn, the staff have the privilege of being led by some of the most dedicated and competent members of their respective fields.  The staff and management of Marathon Residential and Counseling Services, Inc. want to express our thanks to the membership of The Board of Directors.

President:         Karen Klos, LPN                                    
                        Substance Abuse Counselor
                        North Central Health Care                    
                        Director since 3/2000  

V. President:     Gary Kmiecik                                    
                        Manufacturing and Process Manager
                        GPI Corp                                             
                        Director since 7/2006, VP 7/2007

Treasurer &
        Jason Krautkramer
                        Attorney, Daubert Law Firm
                        Director since 9/27/2016
                        Treasurer/Secretary since 2/14/17                               

Director:           Dale Merriam
                        Shift Supervisor, GPI Corp.                                    
                        Director since: 8/19/2014  

           Terry Kaiser                                    
                        Assistant Director Facility Management
                        Marathon County
                        Director Since: 9/27/2016