Counseling at MRCS


Counseling is a professional helping relationship where you can go and talk about whatever is on your mind in an atmosphere of trust, acceptance, and respect. A counselor is someone who can help you identify your problems, work toward your goals, and help you overcome the obstacles you will face along the way.

Counseling is designed to empower you, through recognition of your internal value and strengths, to grow into a fuller person. MRCS offers counseling services as an option to all our residents at no cost. A Master’s level therapist assists residents in making progress on their individualized service plan, as well as achieving overall life success.

For a small fee MRCS also provides counseling services to other members of the community. The counseling process begins with the collaborative creation of a unique treatment plan, and continues with ongoing counseling sessions as necessary. For the purpose of your personal development, counseling can focus on a wide variety of topics, including, but not limited to, the following:

-Adult and Family Relationships
-Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse
-Anger Management
-Career Development/ Employability Skills
-Character Development
-Cognitive/Corrective Thinking Skills
-Communication Skills
-Current Events
-Goal Establishment
-Human Sexuality
-Independent Living Skills
-Motivation and Empowerment to Change
-Peer Pressure
-Teambuilding Skills