Justin Stangl, M.S.E.   Therapist

                  Justin Stangl

Hello, my name is Justin Stangl. I began working as a counseling intern at Marathon Residential and Counseling Services in late August, 2013. I graduated from UW Oshkosh in January of 2014 with a M.S.E. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and have chosen to remain with MRCS for my supervised training hours and beyond. Dr. Connie O'Heron, who has worked with MRCS as the supervising psychologist since 2007, has been overseeing my work while I have been a student, and will continue to supervise me as I move forward.  

I started moving toward the counseling profession before I even knew it. My parents opened up our home to foster children when I was 13 years old, giving me early and meaningful interactions with people who were much different than me. This eventually led me to become involved in volunteering with Special Olympics and a summer camp called Rainbow's End. Those experiences had immensely shaped the person I was becoming, but I didn't understand that until I entered college. My first semester was spent pursuing a career in engineering, but it felt empty to me, so I began searching for something that was interesting and meaningful to me. One step after another led me to graduating from UWSP with majors in psychology and sociology, and I was soon on my way to graduate school to become a counselor. Considering my background and the direction my life has taken, Marathon Residential and Counseling Services is a great fit for me as I launch into my counseling career.  

As for my personal life, my wife and I have moved back to the Wausau area in December of 2013, where we have enjoyed being closer to MRCS and to each of our immediate families. My wife has enjoyed watching her photography business grow steadily, and in my free time I enjoy doing photography with her, whether it be for weddings, engagements, or high-school senior photos. What I enjoy most about it is being able to continuously experiment with different ideas and learn new things. In the distant future, my wife and I aspire to start our own non-profit organization that seeks to alleviate homelessness and poverty using creative long-term solutions.  

When spending free time alone, I enjoy listening to all kinds of music, especially heavy music, playing the guitar, and playing video games. Soon I hope to join with some old friends and start a band again, writing and performing rock music, which is something I enjoyed greatly before I had to leave Wausau to attend graduate school.